11 Januari 2011

Travelogue Pejuang Misi - Syafiqah Najib

In the Name of Allah, The most Merciful, The most Beneficent. Welcome 2011. I started my new year with great experiences. It was a Special Humanitarian Mission to Yogyakarta. Who knows I’ll be the one who are selected to join this mission. Congrates Syafiqah! See how Allah realized your dua’. I always pray to have sometime being in somewhere out of Malaysia. I shouldn’t be giving up sketching my hope, my dream, my desire, my life. This is my first time to be abroad. Though Indonesia is just neighbouring country of Malaysia, it is enough to make me excited. I was crying in the flight from Malaysia to Yogyakarta. Yes, I was. The pain of losing my “Dream of Canada” is still here inside me. Unerasable. As I go through every second of the event, there are a lot more to be learnt. I divided it into two phases. The hardship and also the luxury of life.

1. Hardship

The first village we arrived is called Geblok, located in Sleman Smada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is 14 kilometre in radius with Gunung Merapi. After having a very tough journey, we finally reach at the borderline between destruction and the green of life. One side have been destroyed by the eruption of Gunung Merapi, another one side is still ‘alive’.  On the destruction side, a place once before was a village with houses, crops and rivers are now buried with stone and dried lava. “This place now looks like an empty sandy hill” said Pak Hasyim. The local people said, the eruption will happen for once in every 4 years. But the eruption last November was the biggest and the worst. They never aspect the lava will reach until their places. When the night comes, we stayed in a shelter near to the location. Roughly all houses in that uptown area are featured with poor facilities, like few years back. The house that we stayed is not like the hostel in UTP anymore. The girls group consist of three, are given one very small room, with a single bad no mattress, no fan. Another tough moment that we all girls have to face is to share the small toilet-no-lock with boys. To go to the toilet, we have to pass trough ‘boy’s territory’, and there goes the hardship to secure your aurah as a muslim girl. Honestly, I’ve never been into that tough situation before. Alhamdulillah, He gives me a chance to feel how they feel. I’m so grateful for every single thing that He gave me in my life. He knows everything, be grateful is everything.

2. Luxury

To be continued in Part 2

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